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House Staging; An American FSBO Home Seller Guide

When it comes to selling property nobody does it as well as our neighbours in the United States, predominantly by FSBO. FSBO, or For Sale By Owner is just that – selling your property yourself!

In the UK it is very rare to find a seller who is willing to put the time and effort into selling their property themselves, however even if you are planning on using an estate agent to market your property, you can still practice what the American’s call ‘staging’.

Staging your home, as described in the video above by Michelle Cook, is simply making your home appear more appealing and attractive to potential buyers.

This may be de-cluttering and giving a severe clean, or it may mean completely removing or rearranging furniture.

We hope you enjoy Michelle’s video and get some great tips.

Checking the price of houses sold in the United Kingdom

Contacting the land registry house prices website is one of the best ways to check for houses that have been sold. The site is easy to use. Performing a search, will tell you the selling price for any property sold in the United Kingdom. This presents a guideline for marketing and a suitable asking price attainable, perhaps for your property, in todays selling market. If you are very fortunate, there could be the exact same house as yours which recently sold. This can give you an insight to working out the worth of your property. Top Cash Offer assesses house prices in this way. Noting similarities between the new property to be sold and property sold in the area in the past.

Prices of houses sold throughout the United Kingdom

The selling market is currently variable. Some house builders in the south of the United Kingdom report substantial increases in profits. Places such as Berkeley. This has been reported in the Guardian. Other parts of London, such as Brixton published in ‘This is Money’ states there are 100 buyers per property. ‘This is Cornwall’ have optimistically reported that there is growth, and a particular growth in property prices. One example in Balham London reportedly sold at auction for 70 percent more than the listed price the London Standard highlighted.

In the north it is a different scenario. Some sellers are so desperate to sell their property, they are using internet sites, such as Gumtree to get a sale, This downward spiral continues in Cumbria, which is not any better for the selling of property. It was said that the average house prices have dropped by 16 percent. These facts highlight a great polarisation between selling in the south of the UK and selling in the north of the UK. These messages reflect differences , and subject us to thinking that selling in London and the south is more attainable. As opposed to selling in the north which appears less frequent. The Telegraph and subsequent agencies, think think that it is best to hire an attractive estate agent.

This is a new slant in the art of property selling. Maybe using an attractive estate agent will enhance your chances of a lucrative sale. There could be an element of truth in this, but perhaps its just another light-hearted story featured to sell the paper.

Sellers in Cumbria or Blackpool may take note, the missing element for a quick sale is to use an attractive estate agent?

How much is my property worth? What price did my neighbour pay?

These are all questions to be researched before trying to sell your property. There are numerous resources to research to learn about sold house prices.

Several necessary steps for research

  1. Sold house prices are noted on Rightmove. This site can help you discover the price a house has been sold for. Also the land registry as previously mentioned. Additionally Rightmove has a section called price comparison report and house price trend indicator for further help.
  2. Another beneficial site is Net House Prices, which provides useful information on sold house prices.
  3. Browsing on Zoopla, will convey something similar, directing the user to look at sold house prices by area as well as a search box.
  4. Property Price Advice as well as other similar websites has as much information like the others, so does Mouseprice.

This has clarified and provided information about Sold house prices. It is important to research as stated several times throughout articles. You can research yourself , to work out the market price of your own property.

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